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Door Access Control Systems

Door access control systems give you all the control you want without any of the hassles of lost keys and the insecurity of not knowing who has copies! Having to change the locks on a building can be very expensive. Locks and keys have been used to secure building for many many years, and that won't go away. What locks and keys cannot provide though is the the ability to determine when and where the keys are used.

Electronic access control takes all the disadvantages of ordinary keys away by replacing locks with intelligently controlled devices. Having the power to control who can enter a building from which access point and when they can do this provides you with an audit trail of everywhere everyone went. How does it work? It's simple! Each person is given a card or key fob that acts in place of their key to your facility. You then control what privileges each person receives from a central system that allows entry into areas during the days at times you have determined. With time zones selected you can create a schedule of when something can happen. For example, you can set it up so that main doors will only be open between 8am to 6pm from most staff and extend access to others if necessary. If you have an area that you want protected such as a server room, storage area with sensitive information or meeting room that houses specialist equipment you can decide which employees are allowed to enter. With cards you are able to individually control each secure area. Additionally, by having precise control of your facility you can be assured that anyone leaving your organisation can be removed from the system quickly easily This reduces risks, keeping you, your employees and company assets safe and secure.

Alarm Maintenance Cambridge offers customers a comprehensive range of access control and door entry systems from single door audio entry suitable for domestic use through to small business use and multiway audio/video entry systems for apartment buildings. For facilities or security management ease, control entry for building using proximity access control systems can be networked and managed via one computer system. This can then be utilised for a very important extra purpose, to create fire assembly lists and keep up to date details of which personnel on site at any one time.

All access systems can be personally designed and installed to your particular specifications and requirements. Simply call Alarm Maintenance to find out how we can best help you or your organisation.

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