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Routine Servicing of your Intruder alarm

It is recommended by the British Standard that your intruder alarm is
serviced every year. The main benefit of this service is to ensure that the
standby battery in the main control panel is holding its charge. The
service of the intruder alarm also involves removing every detector cover to ensure that the wires in the connector block are secure and that the
detector is free of any debris ie: spiders.

Our fully trained engineers will then conduct a Walk Test on the system to ensure that the detectors are responding with in the correct time limit and range. Any faults found are then reported and the way forward is then discussed with the client.

Non Serviced Intruder Alarms - In the event of a Power Cut this is usually when you can tell that the standby battery in the main control panel is not capable of supporting the system for the period the Mains Power is off. Usually the intruder alarm rings inside for a period of time, then when the standby battery is very close to being depleted the outside bell will ring.
The outside bell may ring for an unlimited amount of time – if it is a older
system. The outside Bell may ring until its integral battery is depleted.

To avoid this happening to you, call Alarm Maintenance Ltd 01223 263222 to discuss a Routine Service for your system.