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Wireless Security Alarm Systems Cambridge

Being a long established company we have grown up with wired intruder alarms and wireless have been in the background. Over recent years however wireless security alarm systems have seen a huge revival and the quality and reliability is far better that that of the early days.

Each system however has its pros and cons.

A wired installation may have almost any make of control panel, with any make of detections device and any make of alarm sounder, therefore if your property already has cables fitted you are able to upgrade at any stage device by device if you choose with a huge choice of equipment available. This also helps with the longevity of the security system.

With a Wireless Security system the detection devices talk (so to speak) directly their control receiver. The detection devices, wireless sounders and the controls must therefore all be from the same manufacturers, this sometimes limits the choices available, additions and replacements in the future can be a problem.

A further option is to have a hybrid system comprising some wired devices and some wireless, as no two properties are the same each must be taken on their own merits and a specification drawn up to suit each individuals needs. A typical installation would be where a Garden shed or external workshop is required to be integrated with the house alarm, the wireless devices can be fitted alleviating the need to try and install external cabling between the buildings.

The wired system has cables from each devices back to a central control unit. These cables are normally hidden in the floor and roof voids to keep them as discreet as possible.

The wireless option uses a wireless signal to transmit its signal to a main control. The wireless devices are powered by a small battery which normally has a life of 16 months and then requires replacement. The transmission range is always subject to site conditions, this would be assessed during a site survey.

We would normally recommend replacing the batteries in all wireless devices every 12 months this would be completed during an annual service.

The wired systems are all powered by one central control, which also has a battery in case of mains failure. This battery would normally last 4-5 years.