Remember to Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries #TESTITUESDAY

Please make sure you get this done! Changing the batteries in our smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. By Alarm Maintenance - Fire Alarm Systems Cambridge.

Smoke alarms provide necessary and sufficient warning for us to act in a fire. There were 140 fire fatalities in England in the six months from April to September 2013.

You should have working smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside and outside sleeping areas. Purchase fire extinguishers for your kitchen, work areas, and garage. Check them every few months to remind yourself of where they are, and make sure they are properly charged. Please test!!

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Your TO DO List:

  • Replace smoke alarms every 10 years and carbon monoxide detectors every five years.
  • Talk to your family, house sharers and landlord about your fire evacuation plan.
  • Walk through your home and and practice your fire evacuation plan. In an emergency, you and others may have to pass through unfamiliar areas.
  • Report any potential fire hazards to landlords promptly, including blocked access ways and electrical irregularities immediately.